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Classic cocktails to make with what you have on your small home bar.

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Martini glass on a table with a grapefruit martini in it with a fresh grapefruit on the table next to it.


Tropical fruit cocktail garnished with pineapple chunks and a cocktail cherry on a cocktail stick.


Close up of a watermelon cocktail on the rocks garnished with edible dried flowers.


Close up of a sidecar garnished with edible dried flowers.


Woman cutting a lime on a counter next to a cocktail shaker.

Bar Basics

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Setting Up a Home Bar

You don’t need a huge home bar to make delicious drinks! Let me help you get started and show you how to use everything you have in multiple ways.



My hosting shortcuts and unique party inspiration will make you want to entertain and gather your friends and family at home. Steal my fun ideas and stress-free tips to keep things easy.

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Meet Sharon

I’m Sharon, a mom of two boys, food and cocktail enthusiast, and TV aficionado. Balancing family and self-care is hard but I’ll help you with my easy recipes and fun ideas for less-stress living. You can buy my affection with sauvignon blanc and Nerds Gummy Clusters.

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